Foodies Film Club in the Kitchen

Last minute one this, but thought the idea of combining food and film was cute and some of you may be interested!

JW3 is hosting a special screening and baking event tonight in Finchley.

The film of choice is 2007 hit Waitress, about a woman trapped in an oppressive small-town marriage who dreams of a way out. She pours her heart and soul into baking, using her daily woes and occasional joys to create decadent and delicious pies.

Tonight’s event will start with a hands-on demonstration in the kitchen, where you will explore ideas on getting creative with pie fillings with Kosher Roast and get stuck into some old-time baking.

Then you can sit back and see the film (start time 8.30pm) in the comfy JW3 Cinema.

If you would rather leave the baking to the silver screen, you can also watch the film without attending the demo.

More information here:


One response to “Foodies Film Club in the Kitchen

  1. kosher pie fillings and film ~ a winning combo! when’s the next one Leila?

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