Boom Burger, Portobello Road

When arranging to catch up with friends over a meal, I’m often the one to pick the place. This is fine by me; there’s always somewhere on my list I’m dying to go.

But I also love it when the decision is out of my hands, especially when it leads me somewhere I hadn’t heard of previously, which turns out to be great.

This is just what happened with Boom Burger.


Although I didn’t know about the relatively new Jamaican inspired burger joint, which opened just off Portobello Road in March 2014, I got a hazy feeling of déjà vu on approaching. Turns out I had been here before, led by rum-induced munchies one Notting Hill Carnival a few years ago, when the restaurant was an average Mexican joint.

Now it’s Boom Burger, a Jamaican burger joint slinging out jerk-inspired fast food to a pumping soundtrack of ska and reggae.

I ordered a “Jerk Boom” burger – jerk chicken with fried plantain, rocket, mango and pawpaw sauce.

This was risky; I’m a bit of a purist and normally abhor erroneous toppings like pineapple (I’m looking at you, GBK!)


Jerk Boom did not have classic burger flavours, but together they worked; the jerk spicing was lip-smackingly strong, offset by a sweet, fruity sauce which made every bite addictively moreish.

Saying that, I will be ordering the classic Boom Burger (beef, cheese and bacon jam – lots of it) on my next visit.

Even the token dieter in the group was chuffed – it may have been her stoic willpower refusing to let her feel a shred of burger envy, but her red snapper salad certainly looked fresh and appetising. Kudos to Boom Burger for providing an alternative to the burger-shy which is more than just an afterthought.

Sides were decent – plantain chips made an enjoyable change from standard potato. Flavourful chicken “Boom wings” were perfect with a squeeze of lime juice and a dollop of the house jerk mayo.


Next time a friend insists I pick a place for us to eat, Boom Burger will high on the list.


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