Thank you for smoking – Richardson’s Smokehouse, Orford, Suffolk

Recently I escaped the Big Smoke for a weekend in the countryside with some friends- where we found even bigger smoke. Suffolk is a Mecca for foodies; the East Anglian county produces some of the best soft fruit, vegetables (particularly asparagus), meat (especially pork from local happy pigs) and of course craft ale. We made sure to have our fill while we were there.

A highlight was Richardson’s Smokehouse in the charming village of Orford.

Lots of property porn to drool over while we followed our noses to the smokehouse… 20140423-183445.jpg

We’ve arrived!


Smoke billowing out of the smokehouse door…

20140423-183457.jpg Smoking is only to be done by the professionals… 20140427-234802.jpg   Such as this chap, ready to turn his huge pile of wood into smoke…

20140427-235002.jpg Smoked ham hocks, which made the most gorgeous soup with just a few simple ingredients like onion, carrot and lentils… 20140427-234829.jpg This dog knows a good thing when he sees it. 20140427-234821.jpg   I recognise that look of food envy…


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