Mon dieu! Le Sandwich Americain

Don’t be fooled by the name: Le Sandwich Americain is 100% French. The baguette, the fries, the cheeky (borderline racist) stereotyping…


Although I am a Francophile, I have noticed a tendency across the Channel for lazy, inaccurate and often baffling international descriptors.

Food with a hint of spice is invariably labelled “Indien“, anything with a pinch of cumin “Marocain” and of course there is “creme anglaise“. Blimmin’ frogs 😉

Accuracy is besides the point; you will struggle to find a proper “sandwich Americain” in the USA. Rather, the popular fast food snack is inspired by the hilariously lofty Gallic assumption that the typical American appetite is that of a greedy, gut busting gourmand.

A whole baguette is split open, smeared with butter, stuffed with burger patties, fries, lashings of mayo, mustard and ketchup, and a token leaf of lettuce.

It’s a grotesque monster but admittedly, also a delightfully filthy, carb-tastic binge.

God bless America and Vive La France!



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