See Sushi, Paddington

All too often the Japanese food experience for a busy London worker bee is grabbing a plastic-encased, fridge-cold platter from a high street chain to be consumed al desko.

So it’s a real treat to take time to savour properly made sushi over a whole evening. I was invited along to a bloggers’ evening at See Sushi to do just that.

(Disclosure:  the poorly lit, badly focused pictures are taken by my smartphone. The good ones are nicked from Leyla Kazim aka The Cutlery Chronicles):

We started with salmon and tuna tataki…


Followed by red dragon sushi…


Spider sushi with soft-shell crab…


Ebi deluxe – prawns in light and crisp pastry


Agedashi tofu with aubergine and a radish toadstool


The star of the show: Black miso cod! I need this back in my life, soon. Beautifully cooked, juicy, meaty and tender.


There is always room for dessert, especially when it arrives on a wooden galleon! Selection of beautifully carved fruits and chewy, gooey mochi balls filled with ice cream…


The drinks list boasts an impressive range of spirits. Sake, obviously, but also Shiu Jing Fang Baijiu, a traditional white spirit popular in China for strengthening familial and business bonds, plus Koshu wine which is perfect with sushi.

The “Japanese fusion” menu also includes pan-Asian items such as satays, laksa and pad thai.

Next time I am in the area with a hankering for decent sushi, See Sushi is where I will go. That black miso cod is calling…

Full menu details and prices are available at


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