Holy crêpe! Crêperie Chez Martine, Morzine

Not all crêpes are created equal.

One of the things I love about food is how pure skill can transform everyday ingredients like flour, eggs and milk into something truly spectacular.


Martine has been making crêpes from her little cabin in Morzine for over 25 years. On a busy day she serves hundreds. It’s no wonder that her expertise has been honed to make her a crêpe connoisseur.



Just one taste is enough to understand why there are often crowds of people waiting patiently while she deftly spreads, flips and folds her crêpes. No matter how long the queue is, she remains briskly efficient yet careful, never rushed.


What makes Martine’s crêpes extra special are the fillings, many of which she makes herself.


My favourite changes on every visit; I love the nut butters du maison, the apple cinnamon and the salted caramel is delicious too. And you can’t get a more perfect alpine lunch than the jambon fromage.

With an egg on top, if you’ve had a very energetic morning on the slopes.


Why do the French have just one egg in their crêpes? Because one egg is un oeuf

No trip to Morzine is complete without a visit to Martine’s for one of her epic crêpes.



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