West coast and Fox Glacier, New Zealand

In this part of New Zealand we would regularly drive for more than twenty kilometres without passing another vehicle. Most of the places on the way down the coast towards Queenstown are pretty remote, so “freedom camping” was no problem.

However the cold made sleeping in the middle of nowhere, in a campervan with no heating, a challenge. Some pretty violent tug of war battles over our one tiny hot water bottle ensued.

But it was worth it to wake up to spectacular views such as the Nelson lakes:


We stopped off in Okarito for a quick walk we had heard about, the “Trig route”.


Love a good view at the top of a tough climb!



Gabby the campervan can appreciate a picturesque spot too.


Last stop before Queenstown was Fox Glacier for some time on the ice.



Obviously, I behaved like a big kid (luckily my tongue did not stick)…


…before posing for a more grown up picture.


Nothing like a giant ice cube to get you excited for skiing!


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