Mitad del Mundo: the equatorial line in Ecuador (it had to be done!)

I’m a little ashamed to say that Mark and I succumbed to the gringo classic, the cheesy shot next the line of the equator in Ecuador.

It’s not even easy to get to; we had to battle through crushing crowds of rush hour commuters on Quito’s metro bus (people here don’t bother with notions of queuing, letting people off before barging on, or waiting for the next one if a carriage is clearly packed). After more than an hour of this we finally reached the end of the line (Quito’s equivalent of Cockfosters). From there it was another 20 minute bus.

And it’s not even the REAL equator – Charles-Marie de la Condamine, the chap who proudly proclaimed to have measured the Earth’s equator in the 1700s, was out by around 300m. The true equator is up the road, on a dusty unmarked highway. So the gaudy monument is a tribute to overconfident scientific measurement more than anything else, and the yellow line is just…a yellow line.

Still, after coughing up $3 each, we had fun snapping a few photos…





What a couple of suckers.


4 responses to “Mitad del Mundo: the equatorial line in Ecuador (it had to be done!)

  1. You guys should have bought a can of yellow paint and painted a line where the real equatorial line is. Also, have you noticed how water in a sink twirls in different directions depending on whether you are north or south of the equator?

  2. Did you go to the mini museum and balance an egg on a pin? Did you also get the Mitad del Mundo stamp in your passport? 🙂

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